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All sizes of corrugated cardboard, and various cardboard packages are mass produced.

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High quality Corrugated Cardboard

They are flat rectangular plates. Corrugated cardboard sheet is produced to be used as a semi-finished product in the production of packaging material.

As Omas Ambalaj, we produce high quality Corrugated Cardboard and Corrugated cardboard packaging.

Packed boxes

This dexterous form can carry strong weights. It can be incorporated into the structure and gives it durability. The air circulating inside the corrugated structure also acts as an insulator that provides excellent protection against temperature changes.

Carrying boxes

We produce and design cardboard packaging for your company's designated needs.

The mass production of cardboard boxes in any size or industry basis, with the desired quality and competitive price. solutions.

We Follow Technology

Constantly updated with our modern production facility and production planning program.


We Do Not Compromise on Quality

We improve the quality of our products and production in proportion to the satisfaction of our customers.



High quality products to suit your needs

Here at Omas Packaging , we offer quality packaging products that meet your needs.

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