Detail of a corrugated cardboard stacked in sheets.
Corrugated Cardboard Sheet

They are flat rectangular plates. Corrugated cardboard sheet is produced to be used as a semi-finished product in the production of packaging material.

Carton Parcel

It is the most commonly used box type. The lids are closed across the width of the box from the top and bottom to the opposite half.

Separator Carton

Separators, on the other hand, are produced to create partitions in boxes or pallets.

Hole Carton Separator

It is used to separate textile bobbins and threads.

Cardboard Corrugated

It consists of one layer of plaster and one layer of corrugation.


These are the boxes that look like a tray and have the feature of separating the products from each other and keeping them in the perforated parts.

Carton Pans

It is a tray-like packaging material. Yogurt, ayran, carbonated drinks etc. It is generally used with stretch in the packaging of products.

Custom Cardboard Packaging

While it offers superior protection, ease of stacking, printing and design opportunities, it also provides the most suitable solutions for supply chain requirements.

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